Generations Project

GENERATIONS WANGARATTA created 12 projects over 3 years (2006- 2009), each one based on stories of the past and present and hopes for the future from old and young and in between.

These stories of lives in Wangaratta are not just about other times but about other ways of living, different ways of being in the world and making meaningful lives. They are about the creative act of conversation.

Using old and new events and tecnologies, we took these stories out into peoples lives, into shops and banks, libraries, streets and farmers markets. We wanted to leave legacies in peoples’ minds and in their hands, tools that can be used into the future to make and share more stories of the lands and rivers, the lives and livelihoods of beautiful North East Victoria.

They also needed history. They needed – and we need it too – the distilled wisdom of past, inherited, learned experience. And not just of the recent human past, but of the ancient human past, and also of the deep biological past of the communities of trees. For in those patterns lie the intractable patterns of our future.‘ – Tom Griffiths Environmental Historian writing on Black Saturday Fires 2009.

Generations Wangaratta Artistic Director, Robin Laurie

Project Manager & Creative Producer, Maz McGann (then RCoW Cultural Development Officer)


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Project Partners:

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