Let’s Talk Difference…

The Talking Difference Project is designed by the Immigration Museum and toured to the Wangaratta Performing Arts Centre from the 7th- 27th of April.

The Talking Difference Booth is a multi-platform online social media project designed to facilitate dialogue around cultural difference and the promotion of diversity. The project aims to:

  • Help strengthen communities further by widening understanding and acceptance of cultural differences;
  • Build empathy, and provide the opportunity to understand and reflect on different perspectives of identity and diversity;
  • Facilitate intercultural contact and promote dialogue about race-based discrimination and the broader health implications for those affected within the community.

There were 2 community workshops delivered as part of the project; one to generate questions and the other to record responses as part of the Wangaratta Youth Summit.

The studio provided a number of options to create a response; participants could use video, create a drawing, record an audio track, or write a text response. Content created in the studio will not only become part of the studio but may also be used online or as part of a Museum Victoria exhibition.

Talking Difference Booth